A Voice Above nature

Serving as Director of Photography, and contributing largely to the story and editing process, Michael traveled to Iceland to partner with producer Annie Moir to create the project a Voice Above Nature. The film won the short film category for World Wildlife Day at the United Nations, was an Audience Winner for the Sunday Shorts Film Festival, and won its category at The Jackson Hole Wildlife Film festival. Further, the film will be used as a tool for policy advancement by the United Nations in their Sustainable Development Goals for ocean conservation.

Wildlife Cinematography Reel: 2019

A collection of shots to be used as a showcase for Michael’s most recent projects

A Voice Above Nature Highlight

A collection of Michael's favorite shots that he contributed to “A Voice Above Nature”

The Ocean is a Part of Me

As a close friend of National Geographic Explorer Callie Veelenturf, Michael agreed to shoot with Callie and contribute footage for the Global Landscape Forum’s “The Ocean is a Part of Me.” This short piece is used to promote Global Landscape Forum’s conservation work, and the footage was used as supplementary material for Callie’s speech to the UN where she served as the Youth Representative for the Oceans.


A short film, shot on assignment for Big Sur Granola Bars, while traveling three months through Northern Canada and Alaska